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Toxic Cherry: Sleepwalker Blend 2,500mg Gummies



  • Toxic Cherry
  • 2,500MG Gummies
  • 125mg/pc | 20pc/jar
  • Blend – Delta-8 THC, THC-P, THC-H, HXY-11 THC
  • Third-Party Lab Tested  View Lab Results Here
  • Compliant With The 2018 Farm Bill
  • Made In The USA With Industrial Hemp
  • Contains Less Than .3% Of Delta-9 THC


    About this Strain

    8 reviews for Toxic Cherry: Sleepwalker Blend 2,500mg Gummies

    1. Philip Young

      Dissolves quick, takes effect fast like an hour. Regardless of your tolerance one of these is going to put you in the couch and have your mind in a euphoric trance like state. Im telling you this doesnt hit like delta 8 its like a real deal edible. I love that I can get the headspace and body numbing effect I want without needing to worry about getting caught up. This is the only gummies ill buy from here on and I cant recommend them enough.

    2. AN317

      These will light you up! I was extremely impressed with how powerful these are. 1 gummy is 125 mg so if you don’t smoke often you may want to split with a friend or 3 😂

    3. Jacob

      The most authentic feel from a legal hemp product. Their cannabinoid combo provides a wonderful entourage effect where one dose can bring about relaxation, sedation, induce hunger, and relieve pain. Any more will provide even more euphoria along with very deep sleep benefits! These are my go to, and I’m a medical cannabis patient, so I feel that says something about the quality of this product! 10/10

    4. Jan

      I tried these, and spent the evening pleasantly mellow, floaty, and euphoric. I usually have a very mild reaction to even high dose gummies, but the potency here is outstanding. I got more of an effect from these than from triple the dose of others. It hit even stronger than smoking a joint. It is also a nice, clean high.

      Not to mention, they tasted good! Like candy, with almost no aftertaste.

      My new favorite edible. Highly recommended!

    5. Bailey78

      Tore a muscle in my shoulder needed something to help with the pain and muscle spasms. Bought some Toxic Cherry gummies ate two then waited an hour and ate another one.
      That was way more than I needed.
      This morning I ate one and have done good all day. I would highly recommend these.

    6. Deanne

      These gummies will knock your d!ck in the dirt. One lulls me to sleep nicely, 2 gummies and I am smelling the color 9. And the taste! The cherry flavor is SO GOOD. Like, remember how the rainbow lollipop USED to taste. That’s the flavor of these gummies. I would 100% recommend these to anyone as well as this vendor who sells them. Thank you for not gouging on the price like EVERYONE ELSE is doing.

    7. Ian (verified owner)

      Wow. I’ve been searching for a good gummies that’ll get me ripped. These are it. My search has ended.

    8. Tiffany porter (verified owner)

      10/10 omg would def recommend

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