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Zombi 3.5G Live Badder Dispo – Miami Mango

(5 customer reviews)


  • Compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill
  • 3.5 grams of live badder extracted D8
  • Naturally-derived terpenes
  • Preheat function & rechargeable
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Made in the USA with industrial hemp

Elevate your vaping experience to new heights with the Zombi Live Badder Disposable, a 3.5-gram powerhouse infused with live badder delta 8 THC. This disposable device brings the magic of live badder-extracted distillate, ensuring a potent and flavorful journey with every puff. The benefits of live badder include a richer and more robust terpene profile, which translates to an enhanced taste and aroma, as well as a more nuanced and well-rounded high.

With naturally derived terpenes and a convenient preheat function, this disposable offers both authenticity and user-friendly features. Each batch undergoes rigorous third-party lab testing, ensuring that you’re not only getting a potent experience but also one that’s safe and reliable. Explore the world of Zombi with our new 6 powerful strains.

View 3rd party Lab Results here & dive into the latest Cannabis Insights on our engaging blog to learn more info on THC, Delta, and weed, or enter our monthly giveaway! (Giveaway entries  and signups will be available Dec. 15th)

5 reviews for Zombi 3.5G Live Badder Dispo – Miami Mango

  1. Raina

    I really like this sleek design and thought process that went into the cartridge itself. I like that it’s a bright red color (because if your anything like me I lose my vape atleast 10 times during a session) and that the grip is satisfying in the hand. I think it’s slim design makes it functional for putting into purses or pockets- I also really like the hexagonal cut out view of the product I feel like that really allows a person to differentiate between a regular vape versus a weed cartridge- as far as product quality I didn’t experience the sometimes unpleasant aftertaste that you get with certain cartridges- and I could actually taste the flavor that is advertised- in my opinion It’s a very mellow hit which would be perfect for first time users. In terms of effects I’d say overall it boosted my productivity while maintaining a steady euphoric and calming high, I’d recommend the strains that I had to people who experience anxiety or struggle with productivity. I’d happily buy one 👍🏽✨ -Raina

  2. Taylor

    Miami Mango was a game-changer for my art sessions. I was amazed at how it lifted my mood and sparked my creativity. Used it during a late-night sketching marathon, and it kept me in the zone, focused, yet blissfully mellow. What I like best is how accurate the taste is to mango. freaky close, but geez it’s pretty good

  3. Morgan

    Read about Taylor’s experience and was kinda interested in the taste. First off: Miami mango (MM) lights up the imagination fs. I found myself lost in my painting, with ideas flowing effortlessly. It’s like a muse in a cartridge – subtle yet inspiring. Second off: THey nail the taste. She wasn’t capping.

  4. Karima

    It hit smooth and I was able to achieve the feeling I wanted to get. Good product for people that don’t/barely smoke. Would buy again

  5. Cosy

    Miami Mango tastes amazing and does a good job covering up the other tastes in it. It gives a chill high while not pushing me over the edge of anxiety. I would say this product is very good for chilling out after a long day, or to just have a good time without thinking too much.

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